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1. want to do sth  想做某事I want to go to school. 我想去上学。

2. want sb to do sth  想让某人做某事I want my son to go to school.我想让我的儿子去上学。

3. be different from 与……不同The weather in Beijing is different from that of Nanjing.北京的天气和南京的不同。

4. be the same as 与……相同His trousers are the same as mine.他的裤子和我的一样。

5. be friendly to sb 对某人友好Mr. Wang is very friendly to us.王先生对我们非常友好。

6. welcome to sp 欢迎来到某地Welcome to China.欢迎来到中国。

7. What’s the matter with sb/sth?某人/某物出什么毛病了?What’s the matter with your watch?你的手表怎么了?

8. what to do 做什么We don’t know what to do next.我们不知道接下来要做什么。

9. let sb do sth 让某人做某事Let him enter the room.让他进入房间。

10. let sb not do sth 让某人不做某事
Let him not stand in the rain.让他不要站在雨中。

11. why don’t you do sth?你怎么不做某事呢?Why don’t you play football with us?你怎么不和我们踢足球呢?

12. why not do sth?怎么不做某事呢?Why not play football with us?为什么不和我们踢足球呢?

13. make sb sth 为某人制造某物My father made me a kite.我爸爸给我做了一个风筝。

14. make sth for sb 为某人制造某物My father made a kite for me.我爸爸给我做了一个风筝。

15. What do you mean by doing sth?你做……是什么意思?What do you mean by doing that?你做那件事情是什么意思?

16. like doing sth 喜爱做某事Jim likes swimming.吉姆喜欢游泳。

17. like to do sth 想去做某事He doesn’t like to swim now.他现在不想去游泳。

18. feel like doing sth 想要做某事I feel like eating bananas.我想要吃香蕉。

19. would like to do sth 想要做某事Would you like to go rowing with me?你想要和我一起去划船吗?

20. would like sb to do sth 想要某人做某事I’d like you to stay with me tonight.我想你今晚和我待在一起。

21. make sb do sth  使某人做某事His brother often makes him stay in the sun.他哥哥经常让他晒太阳。

22. let sb do sth 让某人做某事Let me sing a song for you.让我为你唱支歌吧。

23. have sb do sth 使某人做某事You shouldn’t have the students work so hard.你不应该让学生这么努力学习。

24. be far from sp 离某地远His school is far from his home.他的学校离他家远。

25. be near to sp 离某地近The hospital is near to the post office.医院离邮局很近。

26. be good at sth/doing sth 擅长某事/做某事We are good at English.我们擅长英语。They are good at boating.

27. It takes sb some time to do sth 做某事花费某人多长时间It took me more than a year to learn to draw a beautiful horse in five minutes.学会在五分钟内画一匹漂亮的马花了我一年多的时间。

28. sb spends some time/money (in )doing sth 某人花一些时间/钱做某事I spent twenty years(in)writing the novel.我花了20年写这部小说。

29. sb spends some time/money on sth 某人花一些时间/钱在某事/物上Jim spent 1000 yuan on the bike.吉姆花了1000元买这辆自行车。

30. sth costs sb some money 某物花了某人一些钱The bike cost Jim 1000 yuan.这辆行车花了吉姆1000元。

31. sb pays some money for sth 某人为某物付了一些钱Jim paid 1000 yuan for the bike.吉姆花了1000元买这辆自行车。

32. begin/start sth with sth 伴随……开始做某事The started the meeting with a song.伴随着一首歌,我们开始了会议。

33. be going to do sth 打算做某事We are going to study in Japan.我们打算去日本学习。

34. call A B 叫A BThey called the village Gumtree.他们叫这个村庄桉树。

35. thank sb for sth/doing sth 感谢某人做某事Thank you for your help/helping me.感谢你的帮助。
36. What…for?为什么?What do you learn English for?你为什么学英语?

37. How/ what about doing sth?做某事怎么样?How about going fishing?去钓鱼怎么样?

38. S +be+ the+最高级+of/in短语 Lucy is the tallest in her class.露西在她班里是最高的。

39. S + be +比较级+than any other + nLucy is taller than any other student in her class.露西在班里比其他任何一个学生都高。

40. have to do sth 不得不/必须做某事I have to go home now.我现在必须要回家了。

41. had better do sth 最好做某事You’d better study English hard.你最好努力学习英语。

42. had better not do sth 最好别做某事You’d better not stay up.你最好不要熬夜。

43. help sb to do sth 帮助某人做某事Lucy often helps Lily to wash her clothes.露西经常帮助莉莉她的洗衣服。

44. help sb do st 帮助某人做某事He usually helps me learn English.他经常帮助我学习英语。

45. help sb with sth 帮助某人做某事I sometimes help my mother with the housework.我有时帮助我的妈妈做家务。

46. make it +时间 把时间定在……Let’s make it 8:30.让我们把时间定在8:30吧。

47. take sb to sp 带某人到某地Mr. Wang will take us to the Summer Palace next Sunday.下周日,王先生将带我们去颐和园。

49. have nothing to do (with sb)与某人没有关系That has nothing to do with me.那和我没有关系。

50. 主语+ don’t think + 从句  ……认为……不……I don’t think it will rain tomorrow.我认为明天不会下雨。

51. It’s + adj + for sb to do sth 做某事对某人来说怎么样It is lucky for you to go to London.去伦敦对你来说是幸运的。

52. How + adj/adv + 主+ 谓!……多么……啊!How beautiful the flower is!这朵花多么漂亮啊!

53. what + a/an + adj + [c] + 主+ 谓!What an beautiful flower it is!它是多么漂亮的一朵花啊!

54. What + adj+ pl/[u] +主+ 谓!What bad weather it is today!今天天气多么糟糕啊!

55. find it + adj + to do sth 发现做某事如何I find it hard to speak English well.我发现说好英语很难。

56. ask sb for sth 向某人要某物They often ask me for money.他们经常向我要钱。

57. need to do sth 需要做某事You need to study hard.你需要努力学习。

58. need sth 需要某物I don’t need your money.我不需要你的钱。

59. use sth to do sth 用某物来做某事We use pens to write.我们用钢笔写字。

60. show sb sth 给某人看某物Please show me the map.请给我看看地图。

61. show sth to sb 把某物给某人看Please show the map to me.请把地图给我看看。

62. pass sb sth 把某物递给某人Pass me the cup of tea.递给我咖啡。

63. pass sth to sb 把某物递给某人Pass the cup of tea to me.把咖啡递给我。

64. buy sb sth 为某人买某物Mother bought me a bike.妈妈给我买了一辆自行车。

65. buy sth for sb 为某人买某物Mother bought a bike for me.妈妈给我买了一辆自行车。

66. give sb sth 把某物给某人Jim gave me an English dictionary.吉姆给我一本英语字典。

67. give sth to sb 把某物给某人Jim gave an English dictionary to me.吉姆给我一本英语字典。

68. get to sp 达到某地I got to Beijing on the morning of May 1st.5月1日早晨我到了北京。

69. arrive at/in sp 达到某地I arrived in Beijing on the morning of May 1st.5月1日早晨我到了北京。

70. reach sp 达到某地I reached Beijing on the morning of May 1st.5月1日早晨我到了北京。

71. hope to do sth 希望某人做某事I hope to see you soon.我希望不久见到你。

72. there is sth wrong with sth/sb 某物/某人出毛病了There is something wrong my car.我的车出了毛病。

73. sth is wrong with……某物出毛病了Something is wrong with my car.我的车出了毛病。

74. How do you like sth?你认为……怎么样?How do you like Beijing?你认为北京怎么样?

75. What do you think of sth?你认为……怎么样?What do you think of Beijing?你认为北京怎么样?

76. start doing sth 开始做某事I started learning English in 1983.我在1983年开始学习英语。

77. start to do sth 开始做某事I started to watch TV after finishing my homework.完成作业后我开始看电视。

78. finish doing sth 完成做某事I finished cleaning my car just now.我刚才清洗了我的车。

79. enjoy doing sth 喜欢做某事They all enjoy living and working in China.他们都喜欢在中国生活和工作。

80. what else…  别的什么What else do you want to buy?你还想买别的什么吗?

81. forget doing sth 忘记做过某事(已做)I forgot turning off the lights. Look, it is dark in the room.我忘记关过灯了。看,房间里黑着。

82. forget to do sth 忘了做某事(未做)I forgot to turn off the lights. Could you go back and shut them off?我忘记关灯了。你能回去关上吗?

83. remember doing sth 记得做过某事(已做)I remembered returning your money. You are so forgetful.我记得还给你钱了。你是如此健忘。

84. remember to do sth 记住做某事(未做)Remember to bring me some money tomorrow. 记得明天给我带一些钱来。

85. stop to do sth 停下来去做另一件事He stopped to talk with Mary when she entered the office.当玛丽走进办公室时,他停下来和她谈话。

86. stop doing sth 停止正在做的事The students stopped talking when the teacher came in.当老师进来的时候,学生们停止了谈论。

87. watch/see/hear sb do sth 观看/看见/听见某人做了某事I saw you pick an apple just now.刚才,我看见你捡起了一个苹果。

88. watch/see/hear sb doing sth 观看/看见/听见某人在做某事I saw you playing basketball with your classmates on the playground then.那时,我看到你正和你的同学们在操场上踢足球。

89. go on doing sth 继续做同一件事He went on reading after a short rest.在短暂的休息后,他继续读书。

90. go on to do sth 继续做另一件事He went on to read after finishing wash the dishes.在洗完盘子后,他继续阅读。

91. go on with sth 继续某事He went on with his work after a short rest.在短暂的休息后,他继续他的工作。

92. say hello/goodbye to sb 向某人打招呼/告别I came to say goodbye to you.我来是和你告别的。

93. be busy doing sth 忙于做某事They are busy planting trees on the hill.他们正忙着在山上植树。

94. be interested in sth 对某事感兴趣We are all interested in English.我们都对英语感兴趣。

95. tell sb to do sth 让某人做某事Mother told me to go shopping with her.妈妈让我和她去购物。

96. ask sb to do sth 请某人做某事Jim ask me to go rowing with him.吉姆请我和他去划船。

97. call/ring sb up 给某人打电话I will call you up tommow.我明天会给你打电话。

98. be ready to do sth 准备好做某事We are ready to have lunch.我们准备好吃午饭。

99. go doing sth 去做某事Let’s go fishing.让我们去钓鱼吧。

100. prefer(doing)A to(doing)B  比起(做)B来更喜欢(做)ALucy prefers English to French.比起法语来,我更喜欢英语。I prefer staying at home to going to the cinema.比起去看电影来,我更喜欢待在家里。


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